"I have known Steve for about 20 years now. He is one of the most loyal people I know. Steve Is incredibly hardworking, and a fantastic leader. I have seen him first hand grow his business from the start. He is very motivated and gives each job and task 110%. He is willing to lend a hand wherever he can, always willing to help and make sure everyone is taken care of. I have no doubt that Steve is perfect for the job of North Ward Councillor. I believe he would be fantastic in this role, and work very hard to make sure the people of Whitby and Brooklin are well represented at the town level. I have no doubt in my mind he would be there to help anyone at anytime and be the best person for the job." 

Eli Amon - Buisiness Owner


"Steve Lee is a Brooklin resident and small business owner who knows the value of municipal services and their costs as expressed in our tax bills. As Councillor for North Ward, Steve Lee will be a diligent representative at Council and its committees, providing oversight and critical review to ensure that our municipality provides the highest quality of services to its public at an affordable property tax level. Steve believes that Whitby needs to re-double its efforts in attracting commercial/industrial development, which directly helps offset the residential tax burden. In electing Steve Lee as your Councillor for North Ward, Brooklin and the North Whitby will benefit from a person who is honest, hard working and committed to his community. I endorse Steve Lee’s candidacy for North Ward Councillor" 

Ron Trbovich - Past President, Whitby PC Association & Local Resident


"I've known Steve Lee since he was a student in my Gr. 7 classroom and for many years as a member of Scouts Canada as well as a challenging youth group that I operated. In subsequent years Steve and his wife often acted in valuable leadership roles with that youth group and have continued to be helpful and supportive in many ways.  It has been a pleasure watching Steve develop into a responsible and successful businessman and a fine family man.  I am sure that Steve would bring his characteristic competence and integrity to any public role that he took on."

Peter Wiinholt - Teacher & Youth Group Leader


"Steve Lee has all of the attributes you would want in a Town Councillor, he loves Brooklin, works tirelessly to make a positive difference, is experienced in navigating the political realm and is dedicated to make Brooklin and Whitby the best it can be. His view of ensuring that our town is an inclusive, inviting and accessible community for businesses and families is most certainly the vision for the future prosperity of Brooklin & Whitby. I am so pleased to see that Steve Lee will be on the municipal election ballot for The Town of Whitby Councillor North Ward 1 and I encourage you to support him."

Pat Perkins - Former Mayor of Whitby


"Steve Lee is my choice for North Ward Councillor. As a private business owner and Brooklin resident he intimately understands the hardships that are felt by many members of our community. I believe he'll apply the same fiscally responsible approach he's used as a business owner to ensure municipal tax dollars aren't wasted growing the bank accounts of connected insiders, but instead will push to have your tax dollars spentwisely and decided upon fairly. A penny saved is a penny earned and that can be used to promote programs and spent in ways that may otherwise be left on the drawing board." 

Drew White - North Ward Resident


"Steve Lee is one of a kind. He is hard working, and has always been great to myself and my family. I have known him for about 5 years now, and since I first met him he has always been completely upfront and very honest and has gone above and beyond to try and solve any concern I have had. I think he would make a great North Ward Councillor and would work hard for the town of Whitby."

Robert Gregory - Client

"Steve is AMAZING that is all I can say about him. Every time I have needed something he was always willing to step in and help wherever he could.  He is very hardworking and has always been there for me. He is one of the most caring people I know and would go above and beyond. When he asked me to write a testimonial on his behalf I didn't even know where to start. Steve would be absolutely an amazing North Ward Councillor. He would make sure things were done well and people voices were heard. I will absolutely be voting for Steve, and I suggest you should consider him as well. I think he is the best person for this job. 

Adrienne Jones - North Ward Resident


"We first met Steve Lee when we booked him and his company. We were immediately taken by his calm nature and amazing personality. Steve was incredibly confident about what he could do for us and we felt completely at ease knowing he would look after every aspect for us. When all was said and done Steve did everything he promised us. Communication with him was fantastic, we always were able to get in touch with him at anytime. I know Steve would make a fantastic North Ward councillor and would work to do whatever he could for the people in his ward. I would support him without hesitation.

Emily Jacob - Business Client

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